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Advertising with VisitSYV provides Members with the power to reach the hundreds of thousands of site users who are estimated to visit annually for information on planning their trip to the Santa Ynez Valley. VisitSYV utilizes a substantial marketing budget to draw eyes onto our website in order to create millions of impressions designed to convert leads to sales conversions. Although our primary focus is reaching the 6 million-plus people who live in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern CA that are within an easy drive to the Santa Ynez Valley, our marketing efforts extend through other parts of California state as well as nationally and globally.

Advertisement Categories

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Who Can Advertise?

Only Members of VisitSYV have the exclusive opportunity to advertise on Please contact with any questions as to guidelines and eligibility.

Advertising Benefits

  • Special VisitSYV Promotions: VisitSYV acts as a liaison with the media, visitors and the local community via PR, marketing, social media and advertising.
  • Receive Exclusive Insights: VisitSYV utilizes Google Analytics to track the performance of our website and the ads you place with us. Receive exclusive insights into VisitSYV visibility, click through rates and unique visitor traffic when advertising through VisitSYV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Besides the listing on your website, why should I join?

A: Joining the “Visit Santa Ynez Valley” is kind of like adding another person to your staff. We’re here to help promote your business throughout our promotions to visitors. Our main goal is to increase sales for Santa Ynez Valley businesses by increasing the dollars spent in the valley from tourism. Everyone wins. With our Santa Ynez Valley promotions, you can get valuable exposure specifically for your business via our website, social media, and PR.

Q: Where is my business listed on your website?

A: When you join the “Visit Santa Ynez Valley”, your business will be listed in the most appropriate category (selected by you)on our website. For instance, if you’re a restaurant you will opt to be listed on the “Dining” webpage. Some businesses need to be listed on more than one page such as a wine bar that also offers an extensive list of beers. They can then select a secondary category and be listed on both “Wine Tasting” and “Beer Tasting”. After selecting primary and secondary categories for your business, additional categories may be purchased a la carte.

Q: Who is your target audience?

A: We primarily focus on the 6 million-plus people who live in Southern CA, an easy drive to the Santa Ynez Valley. Within that area, we spend particular focus on the Los Angeles area. However, our PR and marketing efforts don’t end with Southern California. They extend throughout the state, nationally, and even worldwide. Our target market includes those visitors that spend more when they travel. Our goal is quality, not necessarily quantity. We want increased sales for our members and events.

Q: How do you reach this audience?

A: We act as a liaison with the media, visitors and the local community via PR, marketing, social media, and advertising. Throughout the year, we host Santa Ynez Valley themed weeks and months such as Restaurant Week, Craft Beer Month and Santa Ynez Valley Wine Month. These promotions include events, packages, and deals offered by our members that fit the theme. Marketing for each promotion includes website advertising with targeted demographics, social media posts and ads, local media and PR Newswire, online event listings, posters/postcards and more. By creating a theme, both the media and consumers are given a reason to keep coming back to the valley and they are encouraged to visit mid-week and during slow periods to increase business in the valley. “Visit Santa Ynez Valley” actively participates in regional and local tourism-based associations to represent our members.

Q: Is it simple to join?

A: Very. Just fill out the application online.

We look forward to working with you and your business to make the Santa Ynez Valley the number one destination on the Central Coast.

Questions? Contact Danielle Laudon Ruse at